About Us

It begins with


We started in the year 2000 as a software company that provides custom solutions; Myself Haythum Elhag & co-founder Mohammed AbdAllah -gone but not forgotten- started SoftPlus with a new approach in software development at that time: Ready made modules that work together to form an ERP package as well as it can be sold as a stand alone software.

Over the years our products covers different business and professional arenas and keeps a good reputation in technical support.

Our Software product covers:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning ERP
  • Manufacturing Resource Planning MRPII
  • Manufacturing Materials Requirement Planning MRP
  • Customer Relations Management CRM
  • Human Resource Management HRM

This approach help us in constructing strong software platform with customized features, Reducing time needed for development, and making the solutions available in reasonable prices.

We also have provided web design & development, web hosting, networks design & installation, and third party technical support.

We move forward to new technologies & never left behind
Why Us?

We evolved as technology developed

We step forward for new technologies:

  • Cloud Computing,
  • Mobile Apps Development,
  • & Homologation and Metrology

We learned & adapted our knowledge to keep on developing & never stay still. You will always find our solutions up to date and we will never stop learning & growing.

Developers & technical support will make sure to provide the best solutions available.
In the core of our solutions, we take all the measures & procedures that keeps us updated.
From design, implementation to problem solving; we do it quick, reliable & secured.
Different channels for the maximum reach: Phone, email, tickets & FAQs. We will got you covered.
New Chapter

Changes to our Services

Changes in our business plan results in changes to our Services,

As new technologies emerged, we make the following changes:

  • Shut down our Business to Business B2B software model & replace it with Buiness to Customers B2C model. We will continue to develop Apps for businesses as long as they are B2C.
  • Web design & development will continue.
  • Network division will work in Wireless & Virtual Private Networks VPN.
  • Shutdown Third party IT Support.
  • IT Consultancy will work on: IT Projects Management, IT Projects Planning & Advisory.
  • Shutdown Web Hosting.

To Learn more about our services, please visit the corresponding page:
Software & Apps
Homologation & Metrology
Office Connectivity
IT Consultancy

Also check our Blog as we often write about changes in technology & news.