software updates

I do not know why did software vendors insists that their software check for updates on startup? this thing reduces the overall performance of the user’s PC and make him/her uninstall the software at the first chance he/she found -thought the PC hangs most of the time.Why they can not build up their software to …

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My 20th anniversary

20 years in the industry, in fact I still remember the first day in Elex -21st of May 1989; the company where I first learned computer programming. In those days we have Apple IIe computers with 56kb ram, mono-chrome monitors & no hard drives! We began on the CP/M operating system -this is before even …

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Software development

Management guys are always but pressure on technical guys in software development by giving launch dates that they can not finish on it! Yes true, that is why “blue screens” showed up in most new software launches. But it happens because management guys want to provide customers with solutions very quick to get money to …

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