My 20th anniversary

20 years in the industry, in fact I still remember the first day in Elex -21st of May 1989; the company where I first learned computer programming. In those days we have Apple IIe computers with 56kb ram, mono-chrome monitors & no hard drives! We began on the CP/M operating system -this is before even DOS- and we write code in Basic & COBOL. Then we have a big leap working with C Language & DBase II, and newer versions of COBOL compilers. At that time we have to write down the code in the “Code sheets” and then in the computers; and do not say IDEs because they were not there at that time -we use simple text editors- after which we compile with line parameters and suffer to figure out what is wrong. I remembered when a COBOL program takes three days to figure an error which is a missed placed “point/period”.
believe me, what happened in the field in the 90s is very huge; we see many technologies that we never thought it may be possible to happen in both hardware & software. Most people could not believe that technologies like graphical operating systems have been working on it since the 70s. Thanks to guys Like Steven Paul Jobs, Peter Norton, Bill Gates and Paul Allen. And companies like IBM, Xerox, Borland, Ashton Tate and the others.

I always consider myself very lucky, but I think the most important thing that happened to me is the shift from trying to be a pilot to computers. Many thanks to Mr. Abdelrahman Yousif, Ustaz AbdAlla Alsoni -my mentor, and all the guys whom they add to me allot in this journey.