SoftPlus Company Limited Board Announcement

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The board of Directors of SoftPlus Company Limited announce the following:

In reference to SoftPlus Company Limited Board of Directors Meeting on the 1st of March 2022, we have assigned the CEO of the company Mr. Haythum Elhag to proceed with new formation of the business. Today we announce that SoftPlus Company Limited (Registration number: 11015 – May 2000) have reached a new formation for the business to help the growth through the next decade.

A new structure have been planned for the business. The goal is to move every division to an LLC -called Business Name in Sudan- that serve one business sector; this will help us effectively manage the business & put an end to the ones with low profit. The new business names were given the name: Reissan ريسان which means in Arabic: Leadership, victory, man’s strut, lion’s strut.

The following are the Business Names with their respective details & logos.

Reissan Software
No. of Certificate Business Name: 157735
Business: software, Apps & Web development.
Reissan Conformity & Homologation Technologies
No. of Certificate Business Name: 157730
Business: Type Approvals, Conformity & Homologation certificates.
Reissan e-Commerce
No. of Certificate Business Name: 144064
Business: e-Commerce through different e-shops/Apps.
Reissan e-Learning
No. of Certificate Business Name: 157757
Business: e-Learning Platform for Training & Education.

Accordingly, SoftPlus Company Limited will hold operations for some time; while the new business names will carry on the operations of their respective roles. All required operational & legal work will put in place for the transition. We hope we will continue to work together for the best solutions available.

Best regards.

Haythum Elhag
President & CEO – SoftPlus Company Limited.